Alexa is now available on 20 thousand devices – news

This number comes from Amazon's press event at IFA in Berlin. This is an impressive leap, as the company claims the last 4,000 copies of the numbers reported at the beginning of the year.

According to CNET, Chief Executive Officer Daniel Rausch (CEO) told the crowd "just this year". "Alexa celebrated its customers millions of birthdays, and she told more than 100 million jokes."

That is a lot of joke – did at least one or two have to be good?

Alexa noticed that Alexa has more than 3,500 brands in "20k + devices" that Alexa can manage, and confirmed this number in the news.

Amazon devices, of course, are just a few of the total. Echo Smart Speaker, Fire Television Tablet, There are not many fires. However, the company has a very aggressive approach and has wizards on as many third party devices as possible.

In many cases, as an integral part of Alexa funds designed as partnerships and also to invest in hardware start-ups, we will work closely with manufacturers on integration. Today, Alexa's list of access categories, from telephones to thermostats, televisions, cars, is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. At IFA this week Huawei and Netgear took the assistant to the home router.

Google also focuses on manufacturers about integrating their own services with third parties, but has not yet reached Alexa figures. In May, the Assistant announced that 5,000 devices are supported. This increased from 1,500 units in January.

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Alexa is now available on 20 thousand devices - news

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