Alibaba Jack Ma Co-founder of retired people

Alibaba Jack Ma Co-founder of retired people

At the Alibaba Xin Philanthropy Conference on 5th September of 2022, President Jack Ma of Alibaba Group will speak.

One of the largest high-tech powers in China is escaping.

According to the New York Times, Ali Baba co-founder and executive chairman Mr. Jack Mahma (53) announced that he withdrew from the e-commerce giant. He said that the reason for retirement was pursuing philanthrag focused education.

Horse co-founded Alibaba with 17 other things in 1999. He helped make it a company with more than 500 million Chinese customers and a $ 420 billion company using the site to buy everything from cement garments. Alibaba now also offers digital payment, online banking, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment.

During his tenure Alibaba, the horse became the wealthiest in China, earning more than $ 40 billion in net assets. He remains in the Board of Directors of Alibaba.

Alibaba soon did not ask for comment.

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Alibaba Jack Ma Co-founder of retired people

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