All Major Tech platforms Except Twitter Have Now Banned Alex Jones

All Major Tech platforms Except Twitter Have Now Banned Alex Jones

The main technology platform is gradually expanding the contents of Alex Jones, a debatable broadcaster that is the founder of the Infowars conspiracy smuggling site. Here remove some of his videos and take his podcast.

After Apple removed five Alex Jones / Infowars podcasts, after Spotify and Facebook deleted 4 pages from the site, YouTube seems to have completely released from that platform. Please visit Alex Jones on YouTube with 2.4 million viewers. In the red box on the screen you will see a message saying "This community's account ended in violation of the YouTube community guidelines."

Following the initial weak response, Facebook was robbed of its critics to deal with the spread of fake news, Infowars continued to share content and intrigues about Sandy Hook's shots and door pizzas.

After arguing that the attack first took place, Jones, a parent of a child who died in Sandy Hook's gun battle, was suing, went to Twitter on Monday morning to use a platform other than his platform .

Speaking of Mr. Jones' name, YouTube says, "All users agree to abide by the terms of use and community guidelines when signing up to use YouTube, harassing behavior or harassment policy, "If the user repeatedly violates these rules, such as conditions that prohibit detouring of enforcement measures, we will terminate the account."

Alex Jones's chain started posting a strike after posting a clip taken on February 14 at a high school in Florida. Survivors were called "actors of crisis".

It is necessary to see how Twitter can take action against hosts and their chains that can be discussed. Certainly, his business, CNETMost of the money selling nutritional supplements on the Infowars website hosts its own videos. Also, CNETJones was widely criticized for promoting toxic assumptions on tragic events such as the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York held in New York, about 3,000 people died, 26 students And the staff were killed. At Sandy Hook School in Connecticut "

TechCrunch Just a few weeks ago, the ban on Jones makes him a martyr. Certainly, his supporters today are attending quite a lot on Twitter, criticizing Twitter as an all-out attack against freedom of expression.

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