Amazon and Bernie Sanders again: Sanders Announces "Stop BEZOS Act"

Senator Bunny Sanders.

Bernie Thunder and Amazon came back.

Wednesday, Independent Senator Vermont State Senate told the Senate, "Stopping BEZOS actionAccording to the Washington Post newspaper, this means that large companies like Amazon and Walmart need to pay the government food stamps, public housing, Medicaid and other aid programs according to the Washington Post.

This bill uses the name of Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, to designate an employer-led zeroing subsidy legislation. "This will impose 100% tax on corporations with more than 500 employees equal to the federal benefits that low wage workers receive," Mr. Sanders said.

Amazon has just exceeded $ 1 trillion in market capitalization on Tuesday and is the second largest company in the US to reach this goal next to Apple. In early July, Bezos became the richest person in modern history and gained net worth of $ 150 billion.

In May, Sanders called this scenario "a sign of the economy" and commented on the wealth of Bezos and the treatment of Amazon warehouse employees. Sanders also criticized Amazon not paying enough taxes.

The e-commerce giant and the former presidential candidate caused another riot last week. Sanders criticized him as abusing the company.

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Amazon and Bernie Sanders again: Sanders Announces "Stop BEZOS Act"

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