Amazon and Microsoft Bring S&P 500 Closer To Record

Amazon and Microsoft Bring S&P 500 Closer To Record

The S & P 500 was close to Tuesday's record raised by Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and came to an optimistic optimistic second quarterly fiscal year about the strength of the US economy.

The S & P 500 will update its record high on January 26, and the new summit will reassure investors who were concerned about about 10 years when Wall Street ends. After 0.28% rise on Tuesday, the S & P 500 rose almost 7% of 2021.

The recovery of technology shares helped Nasdaq recover much faster than the market as a whole after sold out in February, making it a record high.

"We can defeat the record, but there is still a solid profit and it can not be said that it is necessary to stop this momentum without the collapse of the company." Investment strategist of BNY Mellon Investment Management in New York.

The financial sector rose by 0.48% from the high yield on the 10 – year US Treasury note that backed the bank stock.

US Treasury Department Chris Zaccarelli director said, "Finance is changing significantly from the bond market, bond yields are rising, especially in the case of 10-year bonds, rebounds are seen.Investment Advisor Alliance Investment in Charlotte, North Carolina

The S & P 500 energy index increased by 0.72% after US sanctions against Iranian products came into effect, raising supply concerns.

Google's parent company alphabet grew 1.47%, Microsoft grew 0.69%, S & P's information technology index rose 0.33%. added 0.80 percent. Internet retailers and leading infrastructure companies gave the biggest gains at S & P 500, followed by the alphabet and Microsoft.

General manager Elon Musk said that he was considering buying a private electric car maker, then Tesla rose 10.99%.

With a solid performance season, US stocks mitigated the impact of potential trade problems.

At the end of the second quarter's reporting period, 79% of S & P 500 companies outperformed estimates. According to Thomson Reuters I / B / E / S, if the beat rate is maintained, it will be the highest record recorded in the first quarter of 1994.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.5% to 25,628.91 points compared with last weekend average.

S & P 500 ended the session at 2,858.45, slightly lower than 2,872.87 in January. The Nasdaq Composite Index was up 0.31% to 7,883.66.

The Wall Street CBOE volatility index was 10.93 points, the lowest level since January.

Broadridge Financial increased by 11.16% after the announcement of the quarterly financial results, Mosaic increased by 5%.

Walt Disney added 0.53% beforehand to the results announced after the market closed. The progression of this problem was higher than the 1.20: 1 ratio of shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In Nasdaq, the ratio of 1.29 to 1 has advanced.

The S & P 500 recorded 31 new 52 week highs and 2 new lows. The Nasdaq Composite recorded 104 new highs and 70 new rows.

The amount of trade in the United States was 6.2 billion shares compared with the average of 6.3 billion shares on the past 20 trading days.

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