Amazon doubles cryptographic security carefully – News

Amazon doubles cryptographic security carefully – News

Cloud service growth – on – demand access to IT services via the Internet – has become one of the most important developments of enterprise technology, but added security threats and other cybercrime threats. Currently, one of the leading companies in cloud services seems to be looking for other ways to duplicate these and fight. AWS develops various new encryption tools and AI based tools for managing the security of cloud-based enterprise services.

An important part of this work was done in the AWS department called the automatic reasoning group. Based on automated reasoning, the automated reasoning group focuses on identifying security issues and developing new tools for AWS and its customers. It is a branch of artificial intelligence computing and mathematical logic and aims to fully or nearly fully support computer reason.

Recently, Amazon has registered two new brands related to ARG Quivela and SideTrail.

In his patent application "cComputer software for specifying and verifying cryptographic protocols says, "Quivela also has a Github repository in the AWS Labs profile. "Prototype tool to prove security of cryptographic protocols" developed by AWS Automated Reasoning Group (ARG has a mission to share code and ideas …

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Amazon doubles cryptographic security carefully - News

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