Amazon offers free video service, owner of Fire TV

Amazon offers free video service, owner of Fire TV

According to the report released today by Amazon, service started L & # 39; Information. This service, called free diving, is very close to the concept of Roku Channel and is a free video service funded with advertisements for Roku streaming devices and smart TVs. These services tend to randomly mix older catalog content, but broadcasting is free.

L & # 39; Information Amazon estimates that it has about 48 million customers who own FireTV devices in the form of HDMI keys, more powerful 4K HDMI dongles, and a new Alexa compatible Fire Cube. There is no data on the number of users of Amazon Prime, but this annual subscription costs a lot of money and access to Prime Video contents is possible.

Therefore video-enabled video service is probably not a replacement for prime video, but rather a supplement that helps to consume more in the television advertising market. According to this report, Amazon focuses on licensing old television programs from major studios to introduce library services.

L & # 39; Information This service is developed by Amazon's IMDB subsidiary and reports that it follows the same measures that the company did in the past. Specifically, Amazon introduced the IMBD funding advertising program,

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Amazon offers free video service, owner of Fire TV

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