Google’s Android Messages App Remove Dark Mode

Android Messages App Remove Dark Mode

A few days ago, Google finally added a Dark mode for Android messages – a much-needed and long-awaited feature, the burning white background of the application becomes dark gray. Although we welcomed the addition, our first thought was: Why not just make it black?” Would have been perfect for OLED displays. None of this matters, however, since Google mysteriously and without explanation removed the dark mode via a server-side switch.

First spotted by a Reddit user, the change was confirmed by many people whose application went back to the default white background and locked them to go dark. We can also confirm that the same thing happened to us on several devices, after checking after seeing the message.

We currently have no information on why this is happening because Google did not immediately respond to our request for comment. The dark mode on Android messages can still be enabled on rooted devices, but Google has obviously pulled Theme for a reason. The inversion can be temporary, however, and made with the intention of solving bugs. We would not be surprised if Google returns the switch and turns on the dark mode again in the coming weeks.

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