Android Messages Gets Dark Mode In New Update V3.5

Remember, about five years ago, when the sound of the plastic screen covering a new phone was sending people in waves of orgasmic pleasure. These days, this sound does not have the same ability to excite smartphone fans. Instead, there are two words that seem to do the same thing, “dark mode”. Whenever an application adds an option allowing the user to go into dark mode, those who have installed the application have so much intention to use the new feature that They simply can not wait.

All dark mode switches an application with a white background and black text, to provide a black background and white text. Yes, it’s a boon for some to use their phone at night or in low light conditions because the shiny white background can be blinding in a dark environment. But there seems to be more mania in dark mode than that. And today, an update of Android messages adds a dark mode and more. Version 3.5 of the email application updates the user interface with Google’s hardware theme. This means that you should see a lot of white and use the Google Sans font.

How To Activate Dark Mode

To activate the dark mode, press the three buttons on the right side of the screen and press “Enable Dark Mode”. To turn it off, press the same three buttons and click “Disable Dark Mode”. To install the application on your Android phone, click the link below. Keep in mind that the update has just begun to roll out today and may not be available on your phone yet.

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