Android-R-powered Google Pixel and 2 of the XL star is in the picture

Last month, a Geekbench benchmark, a test should be carried out in a Pixel is 4; and the phone gets benchmarked with Android, the-R (aka Android of 11). Google’s use of dessert names for its mobile operating system, with the end of 2021, Android-Pie on the end of the day, so-called. However, during the period of time that Google has had in the spreading of the beta, a preview of the Android-10, referred to as a Android is V. We have to believe that Google would be able to make use of some of the code for the developer preview releases, and a return to the numbers when the final version of the OS will be available.
Today in a photo posted on the social media turned out to be a The Pixel 2 of the XL with the Android R. For those of you with at least 2017 handset, the Android 11, the latest version of Android, they are sent to the device. The phone is installed with Android, An 8 Oreo, and has been updated to Android 9, Pie-Android-10. The Pixels are guaranteed to be of the three major Android updates in the system during the course of their lives.

You can expect to see an increase in the share of video files, Android 11

So, what can we expect from Android the 11, and when can we expect to see? In view of the fact that the Android-Q is the developer previews began this past March, we could be just weeks away from the start of the process, which will culminate in the release of the Android the to 11, this coming September. Android 11, users will be able to send videos that are larger than the current 4GB cap. As a test, it turned out that with a 32-GB file is successfully sent to the Android without having the need to have to be broken up into smaller files. And, the Airplane Mode does not turn off automatically after Bluetooth is turned on, as it is at the moment. This will make it possible for an Android user is wearing the wireless Bluetooth earables” as a Pixel-for-Pixel on-screen Buttons to to turn on airplane mode while in flight, and will continue to listen to this “floating playlist” without having to turn Bluetooth on.

Other changes are that we are able to see the improvements to the system-wide Dark Mode to be more third-party apps, and an option that is similar to the one in iOS, which allows users to schedule a period of time, when the Dark Mode is turned on if it is turned off. Android 11 and was able to create a floating chat bubbles will be available. These will be displayed on the screen of the sender of the message, the image, the icon of the messages app, which will be used by the sender, and a preview of the content. Tap the bubble it will open up a floating window where the user can see the whole thread, quick reply or any other response option in the Messaging app.

There is a possibility that the photo depicts what is referred to as a single-Systems Image (GSI). According to the Android developer’s website, GSIs, for app developers, for the execution of the application, validation, and development purposes. They are not to be distributed, by you, or by any other means whatsoever, except as expressly set forth in the terms of the license agreement, each a separate download.”

On the other hand, as we pointed out in the Android R, the developer preview will soon be here, so what we’re looking for, you can be an genuine image of a Pixel 2 of an XL with the Android R. of the Following month is the beginning of the year to take risks, Pixel owners will love it. But keep this in mind: you must be a member of the developer preview program, you will need to look at the release of the final version of the operating system, unless you are willing to perform a reset to the factory default settings. Also, developers are not allowed to publish the apps for the devices which are running on the example from the previous year, up to and including the fourth example that was posted. To be honest, if you want to get an early look at the Android 11 it, but do not want to run the risk that your daily driver is in the brick, you may want to wait until the last developer preview, and is dropped before taking the plunge.