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Apple: 13-inch MacBook Pro predicted to get May refresh

Apple may still be preparing to update the 13-inch MacBook Pro in May, a weaker confirmation that a 14-inch screen could get without significantly changing the overall physical size.

It is believed that Apple is working on the usual update to the MacBook Pro series, which may take place in the near future. After the update of the iPad Pro line, it seems likely that Apple will then launch the updated MacBook family products, but it is suggested that there may be a bit more to wait before the company doesn’t make its announcement.

According to loser Jon Prosser on Twitter, Apple will release a 13-inch MacBook Pro that will be updated “next month,” meaning May. In a follow-up tweet, Prosser said it would be a refresh of the current 13-inch model, but switching to a larger 14-inch screen “is a big possibility.”

While the tweets can be construed as deliberate guesswork based on Apple’s usual product cadence, and include details from other rumor reports, Prosser also claims the new model will be codenamed “J223”. Prosser has also made more statements on Twitter recently about the Apple product line, with a degree of precision, which defines the details of the tweet as authentic.

On March 3, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested replacing the 13-inch MacBook Pro with one with a 14.1-inch LED mini screen. In Kuo’s note, the analyst does not specify when the model will be launched, except that it will be in 2020 and that the development of Mini LED products “will not be affected” by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Kuo also suggested in previous comments that an updated MacBook Pro model with the new scissor switch keyboard mechanism would appear in the second quarter of 2020, although he did not say which models would be affected. Kuo’s previous predictions for MacBook Pro 2020 upgrades include notes from 2019.