Apple Adds Pencil Support To Next iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Threat With Prices

Apple Adds Pencil Support To Next iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Threat With Prices

Apple can be configured to launch three new models of iPhone and include the Apple Pencil holder in what could be a blow to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, according to the TrendForce research firm. Apple is also expected to offer lower prices, ranging from $699 to $999.

TrendForce trends The main argument is that with Apple’s successor to the iPhone X, the company has been able to lower component costs. Samsung cited the difficult balance between component costs and the profitability of its mobile unit.

Could Apple reduce component costs? Perhaps Foxconn, best known for manufacturing Apple’s iPhones, recorded a 2.2% drop in second-quarter earnings. What is remarkable is that Apple has put forward a good demand for the iPhone. Both developments indicate that Apple has been able to reduce vendor prices.

Now, when you start in the Apple pencil support, it is possible that Apple is able to better compete with mid-priced Android players as well as high-end Samsung devices.

Key points of TrendForce:

  • The three new iPhone models will feature Face Face ID and two of them will have AMOLED screens.
  • The cheapest version will be an LCD version of 6.1 inches.
  • The 5.8-inch iPhone will start at $899 to $949.
  • Apple Pencil would be an option.
  • The screens cover the models 5.8 inches, 6.1 and 6.5 inches.
  • The assembly of AMOLED screens of Apple has been assembled at OEMs since late July.
  • The memory in the premium versions will be 4 GB.
  • 512 GB will be an option on premium devices.
  • Shipments will be made in September and October.
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