Apple, AirPod, WatchPods, AirPods will be more expensive

According to Apple, the latest tariff series proposed by the US against China will affect many products that are planned for the future, such as Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod. The proposed tariff would impose a tax of 25% on either the product itself or the product component, the price rising, perhaps reducing the sales.

According to the letter that Apple sent to the US trade delegation, several other products will also be affected. Apple mini, pen, mouse and wireless touchpad, leather case and cover, some adapters, chargers, cables, internal parts are also subject to charges, Apple says.

Apple urges the US to review its proposal and refuse to set tariffs on product categories covering these devices. "It is difficult to see how tariffs hurting American companies and consumers will advance the government goals of China's technology policy," Apple writes.

Until now, the US and China have avoided imposing tariffs that affect the key technical products the country has built strong relationship with. Especially Apple is subject to obvious concern. Materials developed in the United States are one of the richest companies in the world, but these products are produced in China and create a lot of employment.

Although the United States does not specify that it imposes tax on smart watches and wireless headsets,

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Apple, AirPod, WatchPods, AirPods will be more expensive

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