Apple Bans All Vaping-Related Apps From iOS App Store

Apple has removed all vaping apps from its iOS App Store. The technology giant confirmed in a statement to Axios that its strict guidelines on the App Store now banned software that encourages or helps people to vape. That said, if you already have a vaping application installed on your device, you can continue to use it and can download it again, according to Axios.

“Experts vary from the CDC to the “American Heart Association” have attributed a variety of lung injuries and deaths to electronic cigarette and the vaping products, even calling for the spread of these devices a public health crisis and an epidemic of young people, “said a spokesman for Apple in a statement to Axios.

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We agree and have updated our App Store Review Guidelines to make it clear that apps that encourage or facilitate the use of these products are not allowed. Apps designed to control cannabis-related vape products, such as Pax Labs’ Pax 3 app, have also been banned from the iOS App Store.