Apple Closes Its Registration To Apple Heart Study

Apple Closes Its Registration To Apple Heart Study

Apple no longer accepts new candidates to participate in Apple's heart research research. This is a medical research program that groups heart rate data collected from Apple Watch devices and determines whether the notebook can identify irregular heart rhythms.

The company announced a change in position in research devoted to the Apple Heart FAQ page. This week the study registration ended on August 1st. Apple will continue to gather data from Apple Watch currently participating in the program until the investigation scheduled for January 31, of 2021 is completed.

Prior to updating, Apple accepted all users who owned compatible Apple Watch (running watch OS 4 or later on series 1 and later devices) with a standalone iOS application that was later deleted from the application . Store. Apple and its survey partner Stanford Medicine actively searched for new participants when they sent an invitation email to registered owner of Apple Watch in May.

Earlier this week, users reported abnormal behavior of the Apple Heart Study application. Some long-term participants are no longer participating in the program. In most cases, the user resets the reading history of the heart rate, but the user successfully re-registered in the investigation. It is unknown whether obvious problems are related to the decision to terminate the program to new participants.

In collaboration with Stanford Health, Apple cooperated with the Apple Watch Series 3 exit event last year to announce Apple Heart Study's research. This program can use Apple Watch data gathe red with the Apple Heart Study application and the watchOS companion application to identify irregular heart rhythms, including those related to heart disease such as cardiac fibrillation I am aiming to examine it.

This system also includes a mechanism for Apple Watch owners to warn of detected irregularities. If the participant under study shows abnormal cardiac activity, he will receive notifications on the electrocardiographic device for free consultation and additional monitoring with the doctor at Apple Watch and iPhone.

The study was started last November and continues until the end of January of 2021.

Source: Appleinsider

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