Apple Co-Founder Ron Wayne And His $100 billion’s Mistake

With today's Apple's tenth, it will be $ 100 billion ($ 135 billion). However, Mr. Rain Wayne sold the same amount for only 800 dollars 40 years ago.

Apple's co-founders, little known, sold 10% of the company's shares in 1976. The company with the highest value in August of 2021 was $ 100 million ($ 1.3 billion) I never thought about it. Dollar).

Apple was created by engineer Steve Jobs and programmer Steve Wozniak.

However, there was also the third member of Apple's founding family.

Ron Wayne helped Duo create Apple on April 1, 1976, but after inflation today's company sold shares for only $ 800 – $ 10,000 (12,500 dollars) after 12 days.

He did not know, but Apple will ultimately be the first and most valuable company in the world to reach the forecast of US $ 1 trillion ($ 1.3 trillion).

Because Jobs 21 and Wozniak (25 years old) are comparatively inexperienced, Wayne (41 years old) played a supervisory role.

He was collected not only for engineering but also for overseeing all the documents that needed treatment.

The original Apple logo is also written by Wayne. It is a scene that expresses Sir Ainu-Newton under the apple tree. Of course, this motif was ultimately killed because of Apple's iconic logo, garlic apple.

So what is Wayne trying to fulfill the role of Apple's estate?

Jobs received a $ 15,000 loan to sign a contract with The Byte Shop, California's computer store.

However, Mr. Wayne was worried that Byte Shop would not pay and put Apple out of his pocket.

Given the general lack of employment capital and Wozniak, owner Wayne was afraid to save the company.

So in less than two weeks after signing the first contract, he sold shares for Jobs and Wozniak (already holding 45% of Apple Wallet, respectively) at USD 800.

Later, he received an additional $ 1,500 of shares.

In an interview of 2021 Internal businessWayne revealed he did not regret his obvious big failure.

He explained that the time spent at Apple certainly destroyed the soul.

"Over the next 20 years we will end with the mixing paper of the documentation department."

To talk to Mack worship Mr. Wayne said with Jobs and Wozniak of 2021 "It is in the shadow of intelligent giants."

"I am 40 years old, and the children were in their 20s," he said.

"It was a whirlwind – It seemed to have a tiger with a tail.

"If you are with Apple, you probably have liquidated the wealthiest person in the graveyard."

He says as follows. "Nobody was able to anticipate the scale of Apple.

Co-founder of Wozniak who left Apple in 1985 believes that Wayne made the right choice.

"At the time, they all had logical derivatives, so he would not be bad, he would not regret the decision," he said. Mack worship.

"I am very similar to it and I see Ron strengthening a lot of things myself."

However, Wayne did not regret Apple shares sold, but he felt bad about another financial fake related to technology giant.

In the 1990s, he sold the original Apple contract for 500 US dollars.

"I put this Apple's deal in the binder and covered it with dust and spider webs, why should I keep it?" He revealed.

Unfortunately for Wayne, this same deal was sold for $ 1.6 million at the 2011 Sazabi auction.

While he owns Apple's shares, he may become a person who buys a contract.

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