Apple Got Some Things Right: Samsung Admits

At the end of the Samsung Unpacked event Thursday, DJ Koh's president and chief executive confessed "not annoying each year."

No it is not.

It is a little unusual laughter at children's tea ceremony to try to produce constant excitement where there are not many things.

Still there was a message throughout Samsung 's presentation, but that was not note 9. In fact, it was not a gadget.

Instead, it was a sudden embrace of continuity.

This was a word of Ko.

Despite Samsung criticizing Apple's incompetent trumpet series, Cupertino acknowledged that devices may operate in harmony with each other for years to come.

To ensure that all your gadgets are simple, and easy to operate with each other is what people really want more than most things.

It is similar to the case of the relationship between the phone and the speaker.

Looking at it, Samsung has a smart watch. There is Galaxy Home with a blessed attribute that looks more beautiful than at least Google Home and Amazon Echo. Both need to explain the possibilities of politicians.

Koh still provided a small stab wound to Apple. I imagine that he could not stop it.

"Today, not too many companies improve their lives, but also create experience to strengthen their business model," Samsung is committed to great innovation.

I have heard such a concept many years ago and I think that it was repeated by the same person every year.

But you can only sniff the truth here.

Almost all phone shop employees say that there is Samsung because it can not be customized on the iPhone.

But when Samsung gives most of your information to Google via Android, I do not know how much Samsung initially put you. Google does not really want privacy.

Indeed, Samsung knows that it depends on Android for too long. That is why he pushes his artificial assistant, an attractive Bixby.

And wait, did you think what I had heard? Do you only work with Samsung's new three-legged friend – Galaxy Home – Bixby?

Koh said, "There are too many gaps, too many shadows, services, too many services are limited to device, brand, platform boundaries." His speech.

Hey, Bixby, what do you think?

Looking back, Steve Jobs appears to stand out.

He thought that the technically absorbed geek who made the rival device could ignore the specification, but he observed a simple truth. The most important was to make gadget work for people.

Oh, it was a proper battle. And Apple did not do it well every year. Finally, Jobs thought that humans thought of gadgets at all and wanted to feel more about them.

It worked very well. Or at least, Jobs was able to convince people that Apple and their spirit are compatible.

There is rarely an Apple device to work with another Apple device, but recently many people have a desperate feeling due to the swing of the dongle. Of course, making Apple devices work well with someone else has become much harder now.

Perhaps at least in a painfully complex world explains why Apple has never made a refrigerator because the pressure related to simplicity is rising. Or a washing machine. Or a car from somewhere else.

Apple has been somewhat lagging behind pursuing areas that can not provide Apple-level experiences to real people.

Koh's society was eventually a hub of everything and the BFF was able to connect to everyone. He is already making great strides in being Apple's sole real competitor in many areas.

However, putting a person first is difficult from the beginning, if not so.

It is even harder to do it every year.

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