Apple Music Adds Global Card

Apple Music Adds Global Card

Apple Music is offering The Best 100 cards in the world today. Hatsuko. Apple will add 116 cards to iOS 12 beta users and MacOS Mojave beta service. All of these are under the top chart of the app's browse section. Rolling Stone We first reported updates.

Although Spotify has offered this kind of graphics for many years, Apple has proposed only The Best graphics for single, album, playlist, video, but you can save it in the library, download it I can not do it either.

According to Apple, in all countries operated by Apple Music, charts show the details of the region's most popular songs, but whether or not they can access all these maps varies from region to region There are cases. Users can add libraries to the library and download them. The top 100 charts based solely on Apple music feeds are updated every day at 12: 00.

Android users do not have to worry. When updating the Android Apple Music app, the graphics will be reflected on the platform. (Also available on tvOS 12) As part of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave beta tester updates, we need to bring top 100 graphics online today.

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Apple Music Adds Global Card

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