Apple Music Free For 6 Months With Verizon Unlimited From Next Week

If you are a subscriber or subscriber to Verizon Wireless' s unlimited plan, you are entitled to receive half a year of Apple Free music. If you have never registered with Apple Music before, you have the right to receive a free trial trial. But do not look at the gift horses in your mouth. Verizon customers using Apple's big game can stream songs on 4G or Wi-Fi or download songs for later reading. Apple Music currently has a library of 45 million titles that subscribers can choose.

Over the years, Verizon is associated with Android through various exclusive contracts with Motorola. Pixel terminals can be used with 4 state providers, but only in Verizon in the US. Pixel handset is the ultimate Android phone. But Big Red is planning to offer more Cupertino monopoly. Angie Klein, vice president of marketing at Verizon, says Apple's promotion for Verizon is on the rise.

The 6 month free month of Apple Music will be available to Verizon's unlimited users from August 16. Such advertising will help Apple Apple lead the rival Spotify streamer

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