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Apple Plans New 3D Rear Camera of 2020 iPad Pro

In addition to a headset and augmented reality (AR) glasses, a new report by Bloomberg’s highly-regarded Mark Gurman says the Apple iPad 2020 will feature a dual-purpose camera. With the shooter game, the new iPad Pro should also include a “little hole for the 3D system”.

This corroborates an earlier rumor that Apple’s next iPad Pro would have a 3D time-of-flight sensor. This 3D sensor is described by Gurman as “the centerpiece” of Apple’s emission reduction plans and seems to be an evolution of the technology that currently powers Face ID.

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The technology will allow users to reconstruct 3D parts, objects, and people. Gurman adds that Apple also plans to add the sensor to its iPhones 2020, with the 5G feature. The same report also discussed Apple’s plan to launch an augmented reality headset in 2021, followed by a pair of smart glasses in 2023. Also, Gurman says that Apple’s future headset focuses on virtual reality and back, will focus on gaming, videos, and virtual meetings.

The headphones were initially scheduled to be released of 2020 but were postponed. The report said Apple’s smart glasses project would be released in 2022, although Bloomberg says the smart glasses are planned for 2023.