Apple Rejects $300 Million Budget For ‘The Morning Show’

Apple Rejects $300 Million Budget For 'The Morning Show'

The day before the Apple TV and to celebrate the occasion, the director of The Morning Show said that the budget of the series was high, but it is not about $ 300 million over two years. The manager’s name is Mimi Leder, and she told Business Insider that the budget for the two-year series was $300 million.

The later reported that the show would cost 15 million US dollars per episode. That said, Leder refused to specify the budget of the series. Instead, she mentions that this is consistent with other high-end television programs.

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If the show had a budget of 15 million US dollars per episode, it would cost as much as the last season of Game Of Thrones, but more expensive overall since the first season of Apple TV + will last longer.

It has also been reported that Apple’s original TV + TV also had a whopping $ 240 million US budget for two seasons.