Apple Removes 25,000 ‘Gambling Apps’ From App Store in China

Apple Removes 25,000 'Gambling Apps'
A report released Sunday by Chinese state television claims that Apple has removed 25,000 applications from the Chinese version of the App Store. According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there are more than 1.8 million applications in the country’s App Store. Although Apple has not confirmed the removal of 25,000 applications if it removed this amount, it would be equivalent to 1.4% of the total number of apps offered.
Apple today released a statement referring to the type of applications removed. The tech giant said that gambling applications are illegal in the Chinese version of the App Store and that the company has been “vigilant” in its efforts to remove these applications from the store. Last month, we told you that iPhone user in China were overwhelmed by spam messages in the Messages app of online casino websites.
China’s official CCTV media have criticized Apple for not doing enough to remove illegal apps from the App Store. He said Apple has set the rules for the type of apps it will not list in the store but has allowed “dummy lottery and gaming applications” to be available to iOS users in China. Last year, Apple removed 700 VPN applications from the Chinese App Store after the Chinese government demanded that apps be banned. VPNs allow users to send secure messages and emails and display websites that would otherwise be blocked in the country.
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