Apple Removes Time Travel From WatchOS 5

Apple Removes Time Travel From WatchOS 5

Apple says goodbye to Time Travel – one of the Apple Watch underused features – with watchOS 5 this fall. According to an insider of Apple report, the Time Travel feature debuted as part of the watchOS 2 update. It allows users to go back (or forward) to view certain information at a different date and time.

It allows you to go back and forth in the digital time to see everything that was – or was going to be displayed on your face. The feature is used by rotating the digital crown on the Apple Look clockwise or counter-clockwise, allowing you to move the time on the device in the proper direction. The Time Travel feature was used by some faces and developers could integrate it into their own apps.

Some categories of apps that can incorporate capacities, such as weather, travel, and health. However, it has never been used by users and has remained only the darling of the developer community.

“Developers testing the beta versions of watchOS 5 noticed that the flip-flop was disappearing from the settings – before the feature stopped working completely,” the report said.

The watchOS 5 The update will be launched later this year, with a lot of new features. These include the walkie-talkie, the support of third-party applications on the face of the Siri watch, live sports results, travel time from one place to another. and heart rate after a workout. The update will come as a free update for Apple Watch Series 1 and later, drop the support for the original Apple Watch.

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