Apple Reveals 6 New Apple Watch ‘Series 4’ Models in Eurasian Filing

Apple Files 6 New Apple Watch 'Series 4' Models in Eurasian Filing

A recent ranking of Apple in the Eurasian Economic Database lists six new Apple Watch models, hinting that rumors that Apple Watch Series 4 would be coming this fall could be good. Previous deposits included eight models, so it seems that this year, Apple is reducing its range of smartwatch. Apple Watch Series 4 confirmed by the archiving of the Eurasian Economic Database

Consomac found Apple Watch Series 4 model numbers (English translation). They include A1977, A1978, A1975, A1976, A2007, and A2008.

These numbers do not give details of the models, and for that, we will have to speculate on what is wrong this year. Last year, Apple released six LTE models with GPS (aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic) in two sizes and two sizes of the GPS model (aluminum).

As there are only six model numbers this year instead of eight, the two most likely scenarios are that Apple is abandoning the ceramic models in its lineup, or all models will include LTE support. If the ceramic models of Apple Watch are not big sellers, it could explain their disappearance. Alternatively, Apple could streamline the product line by removing only GPS models from the mix and raising the base price at the same time.

Apple announces iOS 12 and watchOS 5 coming this fall. The company is also hosting a media event in September to introduce new iPhone models. Apple could also use this event to unveil the new Apple Watch models. Reports also indicate that the new iPad Pro models arrive at the same time. If so, this fall will be very expensive.

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