Apple Sends Letter To TRAI On Spam App

Apple Sends Letter To TRAI On Spam App

Apple says to TRAI, a communications regulator, that it has a function to report users unwanted messages and phones as spam to a new version of the operating system.

The problem of notifications to nuisance calls and telemarketing messages was a major issue between India's telecommunications regulators and the US-based companies.

According to the source, according to Apple's letter dated June 19, recently iOS 12 (its operating system) announced new features to improve SMS spam and call report.

This new feature allows developers to create an app link display function that can report unwanted messages and calls as spam.

In order to notify annoying communication, it is necessary to enable unnecessary communication extension function in the setting application.

However, in the Apps and App Store review guidelines, mobile apps can not be automatically handed over to third parties without the user having to control the user's personal identification and usage information. action.

A source who saw this letter says that Apple is pursuing without being notified by a third party and claims to open the door to users who are at risk of being harmed.

TRAI's senior officials confirmed that Apple sent a letter saying that Apple was developing features of iOS version 12 to handle spam and messy phones.

Apple did not comment on the request PTI sent on that matter. In India, telecommunications regulators and Apple show disagreement over almost a year by including TRAI 's DND (do not disturb) app in this last app store.

In the past, Trai's chairman, S Sharma, as "irrational" Apple's position that regulatory authorities are not allowed embarrassing appeals on his platform,

The troublesome calling application of TRAI allows users to report telemarketing calls and annoying messages directly to the regulator. The Google Android operating system already supports the application. Apple is believed to resist the list of applications on that platform due to privacy concerns.

TRAI also suggested that rules on nested phone restrictions do not target specific players or operating systems, but to give consumers the freedom to report annoying commercial messages. Report communication and complaints to sector regulators.

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