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Apple TV Wish List: 5 things you want to see on September 12

Between Apple Event on September 12 Should be packed New iPhone One New Apple WatchThere is no new Apple TV on rumors. No, I do not have an Apple TV 8K,Absent Fortnite.

But I hope Apple does not completely ignore it. That Apple TV 4K Thanks to advanced format support, excellent useful Siri voice options, it is already one of my favorite streaming devices. A version other than 4K is smooth as well, but both may improve.

Beyond 4K YouTube – Because YouTube 4K is short, I do not think that it can be used in the current 4K box VP9 video decoding – Here I will point out several things that Apple has developed for its venerable streamers.

Dolby Atmos support other than iTunes for Apple TV 4K

We believe that TVOS 12, the next Apple TV operating system, Add support for Best Dolby Surround Sound Format Apple TV 4K is due to come later this year. Apple claims that the iTunes service has the world's largest library of Atmos and claims that this title will be renewed for free if the user later has a title to add Atmos.

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Apple TV Wish List: 5 things you want to see on September 12

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