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Apple vs. Facebook: One of Those Companies Won’t Let You This

• The information you receive may determine what you can see. In the case of Eclat, this has recently broken. "Facebook says that 50 million user accounts are affected by security breaches." However, if you receive your news from Facebook, you may not be able to know this violation.

According to British historian Acton Lord, Forces tend to decay. Absolute power absolutely rots. And, as you will see later, wages of abuse of power are often serious.

• Apple will do things that need thorough review. Otherwise, the surface effect often dominates negative observations. For Eclair, Apple's business model, like Facebook, does not rely on selling information about customers. We know it well. But what is the long-term impact for Apple? For Facebook? New York Times I studied the deep meaning of Apple 's business model. "How did Apple prosper in the technology scandal season"

Because Apple is selling phones instead of advertising, we were able to protect ourselves as a protector of all kinds of digital disasters. Privacy advocate, even the problem of your own device is not a problem.

Discussions on Apple's apparent new influence on competitors will continue.

Unlike Stevie Nicks, Tim Cook does not keep big vision.

While their business continues to stagnate, Facebook and Google, the largest Internet advertising company, are faced with erroneous information, publicity, instability in their products and politics and society.

And there is an interesting link with Apple's prices we do not frequently think about.

Apple's high price creates security expectations and makes it easier to control online properties such as app stores, podcast directories, news applications, etc. Ten years ago, when Jobs imposed a rule on the iOS App Store banning malware and pornographic apps, he was called a sensible app. Now his rule is premonition.

Speaking of security, Apple only has improved health monitoring capabilities, so we can make comfortable fuzzy and apple without misuse.

It is a wonderful piece written by famous author Fahd Manju. check it out.

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