Apple 'wants to serve everyone' with wide iPhone price range, Tim Cook says

Tim Cook CEO said, "Although the cost of iPhone XS Max may be very strict for many people, Apple is trying to address a wide range of customers.

Phil Schiller told at a news conference Wednesday.

"We want to serve everyone," Mr. Cook told in Japan Nikkei. "We understand the wide range of products customers are looking for and the wide range of prices people pay.

With the deprecation of the iPhone SE and 6s, the cheapest on the Apple lineup has changed from $ 449 to 2016 on the iPhone 7. The cheapest of 2020 model is the iPhone XR of $ 749.

iPhone XS starts with $ 999 and XS Max starts with $ 1,099. Both are much more expensive than most smartphones and buyers who wish to store over 64 gigabytes can easily achieve the same price as a Mac. 512 gigabytes of XS Max will cost 1,449 dollars before consumption like AppleCare, holster and other accessories.

"If you provide a lot of innovation and a lot of value, there are people who are willing to pay it," Mr. Cook mentioned the cost of the XS model. "For us, it is enough to create a reasonable business"

Executives also justified the price in response to the convenience of modern smartphones.

"Many things you buy are now very practical And he has advanced these things far beyond what we have done so far as a stand-alone device, "he observed. The role of the iPhone is becoming increasingly important in people's lives. "

He said the allegations of new customs duties threatened by the Trump regime on China (which may affect Apple Watch, Air Pad, and other Apple product prices) are simply "optimistic" It was.

Many of its supply and assembly chains are based in China and are requesting the transfer of production to the United States, but it is expected that prices will rise to meet industry standards. Between wages and work, other expenses

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