Apple Wishes iPhones To Replace Passports And ID Proof

Apple is considering the possibility of using the iPhone as a form of user identity verification. This is an embedded secure storage system using RFID technology, which has the potential to use smartphones instead of passengers.

A patent application of "importing documents into safe items" submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office on 30th March and announced on Thursday will show how such systems can import identification data from the source Describe. The same identification information can then be offered to the authorities who challenge the owner's identity as evidence.

The disclosed electronic devices include short range radio, ie RFID or NFC, a secure element for storing data, and the ability to process data. With the help of RFID technology, the device obtains "a piece of identification information" from an identification document issued by an authority such as a driver's license or membership card.

Once acquired, the device issues a wireless-based request to the issuing agency and triggers the right to request the requested identification information portion. Once delivered and approved by authority, the device stores the retrieved credentials in a safe item.

In future challenges of identity verification, authorities ask the device to provide identity verification information and trigger verification of user authentication. This is an easy way to enter a password, but there are versions that use biometric security for device-based authentication.

In either case, if authentication on the device succeeds, the data is transferred to the requestor.

This patent application also states that increasing the use of electronic passports. The number of electronic passports includes chips that store various data about the user, including the user's name and date of birth that can be used to determine the number of electronic passports. user. they are. Apple suggests that the system described can deliver a passport number or other similar data to perform the same check.

In most cases, the patent application suggests the use of materials which have not yet been produced, in which case the components are already arranged in the form of iPhones. There is already a securely encrypted enclave that can wirelessly communicate with NFC technology, including fingerprint and face card data for touch ID and face ID, and a biometric based authentication system.

Such a system might be used by private companies to certify employees entering a company, for example, but suggesting a passport number is reasonable, but the bill is an obstacle.

Since travelers must carry passports across the border, even if this system is enabled, please bring the documents at all times. In order to operate without a passport, it is necessary for the iPhone to be an alternative passport by receiving support from a country crossing the border.

Apple makes many patent applications every week at the USPTO, but it does not guarantee that the submitted idea will reach the commercial product. Most of the components necessary for that operation have already been introduced,

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