Apple’s Amsterdam Store Evacuated After iPad ‘Exploded’

Apple's Amsterdam Store Evacuated

The Amsterdam Apple Store was evacuated and temporarily closed after the explosion of an iPad battery and the release of potentially dangerous substances into the air.

As reported by iCulture, Apple employees have secured the iPad and the perforated battery in a sand container after its explosion. Fortunately, there was no fire, smoke or serious injury. However, three employees who had difficulty breathing were treated by first responders.

Because of the potentially released chemicals, the store was shut down as firefighters work to ventilate the premises and eliminate harmful fumes. Although it has nothing to do with the explosion of the iPad battery, Apple has launched its iPhone battery replacement program in recent months. Apple stores in Switzerland and Spain were evacuated this year after thermal events with iPhone batteries. As the incident of today, these have fortunately not been injured, but Apple employees have suffered minor burns.

As always, do not attempt to replace an inflated battery. Go to an Apple store or Apple Authorized Service Provider as soon as possible.

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