Apple's autonomous car has a crash confirmed first

Apple's Private Car Program Increased. Inevitably, the car fleet will end up in conflict sooner or later.

According to California DMV (PDF), Apple's autonomous car, in this case the modified Lexus RX 450h, had experienced such an accident last week. It confirmed CNET's DMV spokesperson in the collision that Apple first reported on the California road.

It seems that Apple submitted it rather than police and DMV, but this suggests that it is not Apple's responsibility. According to Apple 's explanation, when stopping on another vehicle the car was hardly moving.

At 2:58 pm at 8:24 pm, while preparing to enter Lawrence South Expressway from Kifer Road, a stand-alone Apple test vehicle was installed. Apple test vehicles were traveling at less than 1 km / h while waiting for a safety interval to complete the merger when the 2016 Nissan Leaf touched the Apple test vehicle at about 15 mph. Both vehicles were damaged and injuries were not reported by both parties.

Here is Google Maps.

It would have been an Apple car. Incredibly, Google's street view car * had a Nissan leaf just after taking this picture.

Apple owns 66 autonomous vehicles in California in July, From January 27th.

Apple did not immediately respond to comment requests.

Bloomberg first reported a crash.

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Apple's autonomous car has a crash confirmed first

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