Apple’s Earnings Are Amazing But Not Enough

Apples Tim Cook announced excellent results over analyst estimates this week, but was not surprised at Forrester.

Apple predicted it would be the first $ 1 trillion company in the world. The product is outstanding, and the prospects for earnings are promising in the coming years.

But that alone is not enough.

What can I do? To prevent the second largest company in the world from stopping Apple 's bright sun, the Amazon.

Forrester predicts that the company will exceed 1 trillion dollars this year several times. This is The Best time to recognize Apple's performance as Amazon is working hard. I will make the graph make important points.

This is an important point. The number of consumers in the US is the same as the number of customers of each company. But Amazon can earn more trust than Apple (53% vs. 38%) and will be forced to choose between the two companies, multiple people will choose Amazon (42%). Make a selection.

Is this the end of Apple? No, but a clear signal that Amazon is on something? Yes, because Amazon is creating the most important type of customer relationship for the future. As we mentioned in the report:

The average American average Amazon members are purchased from Amazon every 6 days. If the user answers Alexa and adds how often they ask for help, Amazon has a recipe that is more conscious than the phrase "Google" on Amazon. If Amazon adds the intelligence that Amazon recently promised to Alexa to make the conversation more useful and natural, the usage frequency will double and devices will be installed in cars, cars and cars. Workplaces and hotel rooms are not attractive. It is not so love as permanent usefulness.

Even though Amazon is gradually becoming a platform to strengthen customer relationships, Apple will raise a lot of money. Apple must not be satisfied with this. You can not either. For the first time in your history, I am going to pretend that you and Apple are on the same ship. You both think that Amazon dominates your customers. We also wrote a complete report on this subject. (Please see the blog post here; please see this report)

Apple can protect itself, use it more frequently, and create games for valuable branding. In particular, Forrester recommended that Apple doubles its service activities, including Apple Pay. We were pleased that this was already happening with the results of Apple. This is a good start. But I believe we should be more.

Apple recommends purchasing Segway and it is necessary to build deeper relationships at home in that the company jointly selects the Lomo personal robot that this company recently built. Adding Siri to this gives you the first element of a personal assistant robot that can earn billions of dollars in revenue. And Apple has evolved rapidly, it should already be a marketing service platform like Amazon and Google. That means having an advertisement that Apple does not want, to figure out how to use the data for marketing services in a way that customers approve.

This is all feasible. The question is whether Apple wants it enough. Do you really believe that a company that can sell $ 1,000 phones to millions of people loses a long-term battle of heart and mind? we hope. In fact, when Amazon becomes a $ 2 trillion company by 2020, the competition between these two Titans leads to significant innovation and customer value for us.

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