Apple’s Software Ecosystem Making More Money Than Most of Its Products

Not only is Apple the most cost-effective technology company, it's also one of the top charts across all companies around the world.

With Apple's variety of products – from smartphones to desktops – we can say they are behind Apple's record profits. And it's mostly alright, but the re's a twist. Of course, Apple's iPhones bring the most money. After all, the company is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. What's next is not the iPad or MacBook laptops, but the combined product of Apple's services.

According to estimates by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, analysts following Apple are predicting that Apple's revenue will reach $ 10.3 billion in the final quarter of fiscal of 2020.

The steadily growing importance of services as a source of revenue is downright astonishing. While the Apple market is saturated with devices that provide adequate performance over a long period of time, software and entertainment expenses are expected to increase.

Apple is aware of this and focuses on improving its services. Its ecosystem is one of the key factors preventing Apple users from turning to competing brands, and Apple will not release that handshake.

The official sales figures will be released by Apple in just a few days when it releases its earnings report on November 1, and we'll see exactly how much money the software makes.

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