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Application for TC Top Picks that collapsed Berlin of 2020 close Friday –

Even if you vaguely thought of applying for a top pick that confuses the Berlin of 2020 on 29th and 30th November, we need to act now. Since the application window ends on Friday, September 28, please move so that it will become TC Top Pick today.

Why would you like to be elected as the first choice of TC? Let's count the reasons. First, only the most exceptional startup gets the top pick designation. It is a highly organized process and editors are very tough. Secondly, all of TC's best choices will provide free packages to exhibitors.

Hundreds of startup startups can showcase talent, products, platforms and technology services to thousands of participants and display them free of charge at Startup Alley, which connects the major European innovators and networks. This is worth repeating: it's free. Like Zero Yuro. Such an agreement – we are not the only people to say it.

By exhibiting at Startup Alley, your company, including investors, will anticipate the nomination process you want to attract. TestCard CEO Luke Heron commented, "The process of selecting hosting companies has enabled Disrupt's Startup Alley to have a very positive effect on funding."

He speaks from experience. Mr. Heron shared that TestCard has just completed $ 1.7 million financing to congratulate you, thanks to you and your team. You are awesome – the engine in the startup scene.

Do you need more validation? We have you.

In addition to the free Startup Alley exhibit package, TC Top Picks also has a three-minute interview with a publisher of Showcase scenes advertised on social media platforms. Vlad Larin, co-founder of Zeroqode, says that exposure to such media can lead to long-term benefits.

"The showcase interview was a wonderful experience, the ads we received brought a lot …

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Application for TC Top Picks that collapsed Berlin of 2020 close Friday -

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