AT & T offers unlimited plans for the first responder, but there are restrictions

AT & T offers a new promotion that provides the first responder and its family discount in an unlimited plan. Firefighters, emergency medical personnel, police officers can choose 25% of the unlimited plan immediately after AT & T's acquisition of Time Warner announced in June. However, with small prints, AT & T admits that data speed can be limited "when the network is full".

Last month, Verizon was scrutinized to limit firefighters' data when fighting California wildfires. As a result, these first responders can not track and route resources to effectively fight the fire and eventually have to sign up for a new plan in order to return the data rate to normal did not.

Since Verizon apologized later and promised to start a new plan within a week, the first responder decided to acquire unlimited data without ceiling. (It was just two weeks but Verizon has not yet developed a plan)

As Verizon has learned, operators are accustomed to limiting the number of users with an unlimited plan after a specific assignment, but if these users are the first responders encountering an emergency situation,

AT & T says that the first responder who wants unlimited high-speed Internet access can use FirstNet. The US government has asked AT & T to develop FirstNet, which provides functions dedicated to the first responder. The company says it is active …

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AT & T offers unlimited plans for the first responder, but there are restrictions

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