Atlassian Announces Jira Ops for Incident Management – News

Atlassian Announces Jira Ops for Incident Management – News

Atlassian today announced the flagship project tracking tool and a beta version of the new version of the Jira issue for the operations team to manage incidents more quickly and efficiently.

Jira Ops integrates tools such as OpsGenie, PagerDuty, xMatters, StatusPage, and Slack. Many teams are already using these tools when services are down, but Atlassian says that most companies now employ a temporary approach to dealing with those tools I insist. Jira Ops aims to keep all people on the same page and to be an adhesive to visualize ongoing incidents.

This is obviously not the first time for Atlassian Use Jira to get out of the main developers. For example, Jira Service Desk and Jira Core are targeting more audiences. Ops, however, goes after a very specific vertical line.

Jens Schumacher, director of Atlassian software team, says: "Theservice desk was the first step, and we were trying to identify other areas to attack with Jira." Schumacher said Atlassian founded the company team to ensure that all internal teams needed for monitoring and management He pointed out that he has built tools for collecting parts for many years. Jira Ops essentially changed its own playbook to a product.

But in one way, using Jira Ops adds another piece to the puzzle. But Schumacher argues that the idea here is to have a unique place to manage the process. "There is a central place where you can know everything about the case if an incident occurs," he said. "You are…

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Atlassian Announces Jira Ops for Incident Management - News

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