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AWS rolls out new EC2 high memory instances, tailored for SAP HANA

Amazon Web Services on Thursday announced a new high memory EC 2 instance designed to run large databases on memory like SAP HANA on memory. Instances currently offer 6 TB, 9 TB, and 12 TB of memory, with 18 TB and 24 TB of 2020.

These high memory instances allow clients to run databases in the same Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) memory as other enterprise applications. In other words, you can store the database in memory and easily connect to storage, networking, analysis, IoT or machine learning service.

The deployment of databases in memory is becoming more common as organizations handle more data in real time. AWS noted that Fast Retailing called UNIQLO is managing HANA on an Amazon EC 2 X 1 e instance with 4 TB of memory. Distributor is planning to upgrade to a new Amazon EC2 High Memory instance with 6K of memory. I am in charge of expanding business.

Mr. Hoketsu Makoto, Fast Retailing's CIO, says: "In the growing industry, you need real-time data and analysis, I use the SA P HANA database.

Other cloud providers are paying attention to this trend. Earlier this year, Google said it is using Intel 's next Optane DC persistent memory to enhance the support of the Google Cloud platform for SAP HANA and other cloud workloads.

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