Baidu’s CEO Has A Message For Google

Baidu’s CEO Has A Message For Google

Beijing, August 7: Baidu Inc is ready to win with Alphabet Inc. Google 's Google talks about social network general managers and the US' s huge search engine plans to return to the market eight years ago.

Google's search engine is packed mainly in China since 2010, when the company left the market owing to ethical concerns about China's strict censorship law. Baidu is currently overwhelming the search engine area nationwide.

Last week, Reuters announced that Google is developing a censored version of a search engine to enter China, citing information from company employees and Chinese officials. This plan was previously reported at the intercept news site.

In an article published on a private social media account on Tuesday, Baidu CEO Robin Li said that if the two companies fight each other, "Baidu will win again." "Chinese companies are now confident and confident in their ability to compete globally," he added.

Baidu spokeswoman confirmed that the message shared by the local media is genuine.

Mr. Li was reacting to the article of People's Daily that Google was welcomed in China, but respecting the local laws. This report has since been removed from People Daily's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

This article was broadcast on a newspaper on another state media on Monday.

Google refused to comment on Li's report and comments.
The news of Google's plan to return a censored search application that was condemned to protect human rights advocates against freedom of expression worldwide is that while China is intensifying international trade tension,

Last year, Apple removed hundreds of apps from China's app store under the increasingly rigorous censorship law promoted by Xi Jinping Chinese President.

In China, Facebook, which is prohibited from producing social media, is also trying to penetrate the restricted market.

Last month he announced that it opened an innovation center in Zhejiang city in the eastern part of the country, but in a few hours it announced registration to the national database of this project.

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