Birds, jumps, limes, lifts scooters get Santa Monica approval

Santa Monica, California authorizes scooters and electric bicycles, but I have a reservation.

At Santa Monica you can see a scooter with four logos or an electric bicycle at once, but you can not see it on the beach or in the park.

Since California City is a shared mobility pilot program to be launched on September 17th, Thursday we selected two companies, Bird, Jump, Lime and Lift.

David Martin, Director of Planning and Community Development at Santa Monica, said "Selected companies have extensive regional, national and international experience to contribute to a comprehensive and informative pilot program" It was. We would like to work closely with each of these operators to identify innovative solutions that will help create a long-term shared mobility program that is executable and function-rich in Santa Monica.

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This is a company I ran to take a place at Santa Monica. Bird and Lime temporarily stopped the scooter service. Protesting the city's recommendation this…

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Birds, jumps, limes, lifts scooters get Santa Monica approval

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