BlackBerry’s New Ransomware Recovery Solution Launched

BlackBerry’s New Ransomware Recovery Solution Launched

Canberan software company Blackberry has announced a new platform for organizations to recover quickly from cyber attacks. The next-generation BlackBerry Workplaces content collaboration platform helps organizations reduce ransomware harm by freezing the accounts of users involved.

BlackBerry plans to announce this new solution at of 2022 Security Summit to be held in London on September 12th and New York on 4th October.

Despite The Best precautions, organizations are still faced with ransomware attacks. BlackBerry says the Ransomware attack was the most common malware of 2022. According to his prediction, he plans to defeat the business every 14 seconds by the end of 2022, suffering $ 11.5 billion a year in the year.

By applying enterprise scale recovery unlike most ransomware recovery solutions, the new BlackBerry Workplaces checks the user's logs and identifies infected workplaces, folders, and files. This allows you to selectively deploy files that are affected by pre-attack versions without affecting uninfected systems. This ability to accurately delete infected files, companies can avoid loss of work and productivity.

The new ransomware recovery feature is available at no additional charge with BlackBerry Workspaces Collaborate and Secure Plus editions.

"Beyond data loss, opportunity cost, reputation risk, downtime due to transcript attacks can hurt customers in all industries including healthcare, or public safety, lazy enterprise products, Blackberry." Organizations need to have a strong security culture to minimize the risk of attack.The cybersecurity consulting team is supporting in recent years.In the worst case, the company also has a multi-level defense model and unavoidable It is essential to have a set of enterprise technologies designed with violation in mind. "

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