Bonnet head, world's first weed-free shark

Bonnet head, world's first weed-free shark

One of two new Bonnethead sharks in Surrey's Chessington World of Adventures.

Shark, I thought we knew you. But we may be wrong.

Thanks to the researchers at the University of California at Irvine, new information on the sharks of the bonnet head has been revealed. Sharks were thought to have only carnivorous, but now Omnivorous – They can eat animals and plants.

And this plant is a botanical garden. Some animals rush animals and plants indiscriminately, but sharks gather valuable nutrients from seaweed and digest them. The non-plant side of their diet includes crustaceans, squids, molluscs.

This type of information is useful for scientists who understand ecosystems. Sharks were stomachs, were able to digest only protein-rich foods and were considered not to eat anything. The ability to digest plants also means that the stomach of the shark head has different digestive biochemistry.

According to Mr. Samantha Lee, a marine biologist, "According to Gizmodo, initially thought that consumed shark food erroneously during the hunting of crabs, squids and other invertebrates making shark houses It was done.

In cooperation with 5 sharks captured for 3 weeks, …

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Bonnet head, world's first weed-free shark

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