Bose takes HomePod with a $ 400 Alexa speaker – News

Bose takes HomePod with a $ 400 Alexa speaker – News

The latest Echo device is more affordable than the previous one, but Amazon has not done everything possible to compete with Apple's HomePod. And are you really concerned about why hardware partners are ready for hard labor?

Bose is indeed a compelling case of home speaker 500. A compact and smart speaker finds an audio company in the smart wizard market and has a new sound bar with Alexa capabilities.

Although we have carefully adopted Amazon's intelligent assistant in recent years, the new product trio is the first Bose speaker to integrate Alexa, not relying on skills. Home speakers are two custom built-in drivers designed to reflect the sound of the wall and are fairly compact devices of 8 x 6 x 4 inches. The appearance is a bit missing, but the sound is really important.

There are eight microphones that support Amazon's far field technology. In other words, it should work well with other Echo devices. These pickups and sound bar pickups are made with the same technology as the company's headset.

The smart speaker is $ 400, the sound bar is $ 550 and $ 800. Everything goes on the market in October. The features of AirPlay 2 arrive early next year and support for other smart assistants (such as Google Assistant) is planned.

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Bose takes HomePod with a $ 400 Alexa speaker - News

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