Bots Just Beat Human Pros At ‘Dota 2’

A research initiative co-founded by Elon Musk resulted in the AI ​​robot deceiving professional human players of the famous Dota 2 arena battle game. This was a big step forward in June.

Bot improved their gaming skills so that they improved better from the re, so that they could crush the players who participated in Dota 2 since its foundation. The next step "OpenAI Five Bots" will challenge top sports athletes at the end of this month at the Dota 2 The International tournament. This is said to be the biggest annual event in the electronic sports calendar.

This weekend 's OpenAI BOTT beat the original Dota Ben player "Merlini" Wu, William "Blitz" Lee, Ioannis "Fogged" Lucas, current professional athlete David "Moon Meander", commentator Tan and Austin. Capitalist 'Walsh'. From the contest summary Hatsuko"OpenAI Five was convinced and victorious in the first game and we did not allow human players to destroy one of the defensive turns." Humans are still making themselves while conquering the tower I recovered a little in the second game. And finally, with pride, human beings have won. "

Hatsuko One thing that was particularly impressive in the conflict from the AI ​​perspective is that it is a lack of "inhumanity" mood. "Typical Dota 2 Even at the expert level, the game obscures the opportunity to participate in the battle, move to a more advantageous battlefield or escape. completely. "

We have reported a very complicated business so far, OpenAI is trying to strengthen learning, train bots, place them in the virtual world and decide how to achieve the goal using trial and error It helps. A reward function is specified. Here, the bot gains points when executing a specific task, but basically it is not played otherwise.

In order to accumulate sufficient training and knowledge, the OpenAI Bot has played a 180-year bout every day. Greg Brockman, co-founder and CTO (Open Chief Technology Officer) of OpenAI, assumes that it takes at least 12,000 hours for a human to become an expert, the OpenAI system essentially trains 100 lives each day to train every day. In other words, it is no wonder that they crush you.

The next game of Human Pro and OpenAI Five is scheduled to start in Vancouver International 8 on August 20th. How can it be realized?

Elon applauded for this weekend's effort with a praised tweet.

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