Brave browser to use Chrome extension on Thursday in major new releases

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I like Brave, but there are extensions to improve browsing on the web. Good news: A new version of browser block ads arrive on Thursday and become customizable just like Google's rival Chrome.

Today's Brave uses the interface Muon, but the new version of Brave for developers planning to release on Thursday more directly devised the foundation of Chromium's open source Chrome. This change means that Brave's extensive library of Chrome extensions will work, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite, BetterTTV, Pinterest, Vimium, Grammarly, Evernote.

Brendan Eich, former CEO of Brave and former leader of Firefox developer Mozilla, confirmed on Wednesday the release of a new version called Brave Core.

Brave is trying to upset the browser market with a system that started with blocking all ads and all default ad trackers. And a new phase has begun that the browser itself provides the option to select advertisements for Brave users. This approach is designed to protect privacy, meaning that some of the ad revenue is used by Brave users and browser users.

The Brave payment system, called the basic attention token, may have caused users problems at startup, and in some cases will be accumulated as Brave-encrypted tokens …

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Brave browser to use Chrome extension on Thursday in major new releases

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