California adopts the most stringent network neutral law in the country

The California State Assembly approved a bill called the strongest net neutral law in the United States. This bill prohibits Internet service providers from blocking and limiting legal content and prioritizing other sites and services. He applies these restrictions to home and mobile phone connections.

It essentially restored the network neutrality rules adopted by the federal government under the president Barack Obama regime and was later abolished by the Federal Communications Commission under the supervision of President Ahit Pai President. However, this bill goes beyond these rules, offering free data for the complete zero-rating banning, that is, for the benefit of some companies rather than other business out of specific applications It is beyond the practice. As long as free data is applied to the entire category of applications, zero rate will continue to be allowed. Therefore, ISP can provide free data to all video streaming applications as well as Netflix.

This bill was approved in the final vote of the National Assembly that was certified as 23-11. Yesterday I approved by the Senate in May and passed yesterday in the National Assembly. However, as this bill was changed in the following months, it was necessary to return to the former room today for final approval. The Electronic Frontier Foundation calls the final bill a "gold neutral bill."

Now, the bill goes to the governor's office. California Governor Jerry Brown did not say whether to sign the law, but won the support of a high-level Democratic party, including local minority leader Nancy.

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California adopts the most stringent network neutral law in the country

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