Can Surface Go And Galaxy Tab S4 Save The Tablet?

The rumor that a pill has been lost has been going on for years. why? Apart from Amazon's cheap and user-friendly firefighter and Apple's high-end iPad, an important new score is displayed as frequently as Ben Affleck's critical film.

So, why does Microsoft and Samsung announce new tablets? Super affordable solution Surface GB And productivity focus Galaxy Tab S4 ?

Disappearance of tablet

This is not for a healthy tablet market. "Slate has declined for 15 consecutive quarters and will continue to decline during the forecast period," IDC Research Director Linn Huang said.

A small optimistic point of tablet comes from the market you do not think about frequently. Carolina Milanesi, Consumer Technology Analyst at Creative Strategies, said, "Consumers, business is really the market Samsung is looking for." Specifically, "In the business where this type of device is used, for outlets, manufacturing, hospitality, health," she said.

Milanesi also said that Samsung had faithful customers who might want companion devices for Galaxy mobile phones. This makes sense when considering how iPads are attached to the iPhone.

Can I save a day with the keyboard?

So, with this bad news, why do you see these new tablets? These new devices are more than just pills. They are a laptop and double slate.

"Windows Surface Go and future potential iterations, Snap Dragon We have to support the detachable Windows market that was largely abandoned, "Huang said.

At the moment, Surface Go has an Intel Pentium processor, but ARM chips can repeat in the future. We tested Snapdragon based LTE built-in 2 in 1 test like $ 999 HP Envy x 2However, performance did not justify a high price of $ 999.

Samsung Galaxy tab S4 uses an ARM chip for Snapdragon 835, but there is no load on Windows to process. Run Android and Samsung's own DeX desktop environment.

So, with the traditional tablet walking slowly, Samsung and Microsoft will adopt the new device as a laptop and definitely sell more than 150 to 100 dollars of removable keyboard. However, this 2-in-1 format does not prosper as well. According to Mr. Huang, "Removable things are fighting each other in the past few quarters".

"IPad Pro began to really grow momentum last year," Mr. Hu said. However, he warned, "The outlook for this category is still optimistic, but it is becoming pessimistic over time."

Where did this general optimism come from? Removable Android is a popular item for retailers during the holiday season, "Huang says. Because the combination of LTE devices has a more sustainable and seasonal interest, device makers' way forward is steadily progressing "and even" recent thieves "are enough.

Amazon Fire pills have different goals

But how about Amazon, the leading tablet market that sells slates at super cheap prices? Milanesi said in Amazon's ultra compact lineup "There is no money to win" and $ 49 Tue 7 This tablet was lowered to $ 29 on prime day. "The largest mobile phone took over this field," she said.

According to Milanesi, "Because the 8-inch tablet market expanded further, it turned out that the tablet size of iPad Pro expanded to 12.9 inches, there is reason to see tablets shrinking"

But why will Amazons invest in the industry with little money to make? "In the case of Amazon, the fire of Kindle is the key to a smarter household story," Huang said. "The goal is more contacts and business for Alexa."

Is Chrome OS a good bet?

Samsung Tab S4 may have been surprised that you are using Android, which is not a Chrome OS already equipped with desktop mode, you need to create your own DeX desktop mode.

Mr. Huang states as follows. "Given that we are trying to integrate Google's Chrome OS with Android applications, the removable Chrome entry using HP's Chromebook x2 is also promising for educational and consumer devices.

But in terms of success and failure, the Chrome OS device still said "we focus on education rather than big games", Samsung has not yet chosen the aspect of manufacturing Chromebooks yet.


Demand for tablets (which normally stimulate innovation) no longer appears to be occurring in an autonomous slate. Amazon's super cheap tablet and premium widescreen productivity oriented tablet became a branch point of the market. The last category is a place that is excited because the line is blurred between the tablet and the laptop. Also, with 5G, whichever Windows, Android, Chrome OS, or iOS are loaded, 2in1's new wave competes with your attention and budget.

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