Canon announces EOS R full mirrorless camera

Canon announces EOS R full mirrorless camera

Immediately after announcing the Mirrorless camera, EOS R announced that it will react the reactions to something like Japanese giants Sony and Fujifilm who seriously do not have mirrors for years.

As before, EOS R cameras are built around 30.3 megapixel full frame sensors with an ISO range of 100 to 40,000. This sensor uses 2 pixel autofocus and is associated with the Canon DIGIC 8 image processor. There is a complete hinged touch screen, an OLED electronic viewfinder, and an information panel at the top of the camera.

Photo: Canon

The camera looks like a compact digital single lens reflex camera, but the EOS R system stands out from Canon's traditional control system in several respects. Specifically, every lens has its own control ring, and there is a dial for zooming and manual focus. This allows you to adjust the aperture setting from the lens itself. There is also a control bar that slides to the left and right that can be used for various other functions on the back of the camera.

The first EOS R lens is macro 24-105 mm f / 4 L, 50 mm f / 1.2 mm L, 28 – 70 mm f / 2 L, 35 mm f / 1.8. Canon has also released three lens mount adapters for EOS SLR lenses (lens adapter with EOS R control ring and built-in filter). The camera will be available at only $ 2,299 or $ 3,399 …

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Canon announces EOS R full mirrorless camera

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