Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 reported for launch in early July

Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 reported for launch in early July

The Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6, two of the most anticipated cameras of the year, could both be launched in early July, according to the latest rumors. Canon Rumors, which so far has proven to be a fairly reliable source of Canon leaks, has reported that both full-frame mirrorless cameras “will be announced side by side on or around July 2nd, depending on where in the world you are”.

This slight vagueness on the date seems to be due to the American Independence Day weekend, which takes place on July 3rd. This means that the two cameras could be announced just before that long weekend, although Canon Rumors “also heard July 6th as a possible announcement date”.

Anyway, we are in fact a month away from what will probably be the announcement of the cameras of the year. The Canon EOS R5 is, on paper, the most powerful hybrid camera so far, with the ability to record 8K video using the full width of the sensor and recording in-body image stabilization (IBIS) for the first time on a Canon camera.

Although there are some wild rumors about the possible price tag of the EOS R5 – with an Australian retailer listing it for $6,800/£5,550/AU$10,499 too soon, before deleting it – we still don’t know exactly how much it will cost. But it’s fair to say that it will come with a pro-level price tag in the ballpark of at least $3,500/£3,500/AU$4,500, which is why the Canon EOS R6 may actually be the more interesting camera for most people.

Like Canon’s 5-series and 6-series DSLRs, the EOS R6 – which unlike the EOS R5 has not yet been officially announced – will probably be a more affordable version of its flagship.

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