CDC examines two other flights that landed in a coughing passenger

Based on preliminary results, some passengers who got sick at Emirates Airways arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport may be suffering from influenza or other common respiratory infections Today the disease control and prevention center said today.

The patient was treated with influenza vaccine and antiviral drugs, CDC reported in a statement. But this event yesterday caused another type of spread of spread. I am concerned. Currently, the other two international flights are being evaluated by public health authorities because the people they boarded complained of cough and sore throat.

Today's 2 flights I was on American Airlines: Originally from Munich, from Paris. According to the statement from the airport, they boarded Philadelphia International Airport, a total of 10 boarding. Aerospace medicine expert Allen Palmetto said that this is not uncommon by itself, due to the dry air and flying of cat scales on an airplane. Hatsuko In an interview yesterday, he said, "It is fairly common for someone crying on airplane.

However, Philadelphia International Airport said in a statement, "All the passengers on both flights, a total of more than 250 crew members were held for medical examinations and informed to CDC." Because nobody was feverish, they will be released, CDC said. People who are sick during a flight must inform the results within 24 hours.

If it turns out that it is influenza, it is …

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CDC examines two other flights that landed in a coughing passenger

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