Check Out Story Behind The Momo Challenge

Check Out Story Behind The Momo Challenge

Eyes that strike the orbit, a deformed smile spreads on a grotesque mixture of human and animal parts on a light pale face and under black hair.

It is a horrible picture and is used as a face of a disease game related to the suicide of a 12 year old girl.

A terrible character is called "peach" and is part of the virus challenge children are daringly worried about sending messages to WhatsApp characters.

Peach reacts with a violent image and threatens the player if he does not obey his order.

However, the fearful image of a woman was not designed with malicious intent, it was unintentionally used in malicious online gambling.

The picture is actually a sculpture made by Link Factory, a special effects company in Japan.

The real title was Mother Bird and it was exhibited at the vanilla gallery in Tokyo.

But as the image was shared on social media, the story of its origin was quickly distorted and quickly associated with peach games.

This sculpture was thought to be made by Japanese artist Hayashi, a well-known strange doll using various parts of animals.

There is nothing related to Mash Challenge.

So, it is not always watching, but the original work was never designed to be part of the evil game being used at the moment.

After having an online conversation with peach, viral games attracted attention as it turned out that a 12 – year – old girl died in a garden near Buenos Aires in Argentina.

After investigating the girl 's phone, the police began looking for an 18 – year – old girl who was supposed to meet on social media, according to local media.

"The phone is hacked, we can find pictures and discussions on WhatsApp, and we are currently searching for teens suspected of exchanging these messages," he said in a statement.

They said that the intention of teenagers was to download videos to social media as part of the challenge of paying credits to the game "peach" for suicide.

Others claimed that the interaction with their mother included violent images while sleeping and sending unknown things or nightmares that were threatened to be asleep. Cursed

Some players insisted that they received a terrible phone call that heard screams and other terrible noise.

Authorities have warned people to give up on adding something terrible on social media platforms.

This is not the first "game" of this kind to target and target vulnerable teens.

The blue whale game and the legend of Slenderman likewise brought about tragic results.

Slenderman started as a Photoshop challenge to find out who can maximize the image and soon be able to win the world.

Later, she is nominated as a cause of a terrible homicide attempt where two 12 – year – old girls pull classmates into the forest and stab her 19 times.

The girl claimed to have done it on behalf of Slenderman later.

The blue whale was challenged in a similarly disgusting online game to make an impressive young man complete the fixing work for 50 days.

On the final day, the players were asked for suicide and brought at least 130 deaths in Russia.

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